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Christmas 4C Paper Gift Bag

Super Giant: 20”x28”x7”  Packing: 12/96 Assorted

Giant: 17”x22”x6.75”  Packing: 12/96 Assorted

Extra Large: 13"x18"x4"  Packing: 12/144 Assorted

Large: 10”x12.75”x5.25”  Packing: 12/240 Assorted

Medium: 7”x9”x3.5”  Packing: 12/360 Assorted

Small: 4.25”x5.625”x2.5”  Packing: 12/432 Assorted

Wine Jumbo: 5”x14.25”x3.375”  Packing: 12/360 Assorted

Note: Information is for reference only. Actual size and packing may not be exactly the same.

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